"Judith has the voice of experience. She lives what she believes and practices. She can be your guide; she can answer your questions; she can give you support; she can help your body through bodywork. She has a Plan (not just unhelpful 'advice'); she can help you achieve your goal of health and wellness; she is an amazing woman . . . ." Judie C.
"I struggled with lower back pain due to scoliosis and a slipped disc for years.  When I started Judith's stretching yoga class four years ago, I wasn't able to touch my left foot even when sitting down, plus I was suffering from a nervous condition.  A year later, my chiropractor (whom I hadn't seen in more than a year at the time and whom I never see now) asked to use my X-rays for teaching purposes because my back was so improved. I'm now 60 years old and I have no trouble touching my feet and putting my shoes on; my back has improved tremendously through stretching and yoga postures; I've learned relaxation skills, walking skills, breathing skills, and yoga postures, to name just a few. I attend stretching and strengthening classes, and love every minute of it. I have benefited immeasurably from Judith's knowledge and yoga instruction.    Geneva P., MSW
"I am writing in support of my yoga instructor, Judith Aubin. Following a complicated pelvic fracture more than 3  years ago, my chiropractor told me that in order to manage the back pain I was experiencing, I could see him weekly for the rest of my life, or I could take yoga class and learn yoga. I opted for the yoga class, and was fortunate enough to have Judith as my yoga instructor. I have been in her class for over 3 years.
I have to say I was highly motivated by pain to take the class, but had a somewhat dim view of yoga as I did not think it could alleviate the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. I'm glad I was wrong. I now take 2 yoga classes a week from Judith: one a therapeutic yoga class, and one a yoga strengthening class.
Over the years with Judith I have learned how to stand, to walk, and to breathe, things I would have said I already knew, but now realize how little I did know. Yoga for me has been not only a way to nearly eliminate my back pain, but it has become a welcome addition to my spiritual practice.
. . . .
I have recommended Judith's classes to a number of friends and family members, and cannot speak highly enough of my own experience under her tutelage." 
Jo A., MA, MFT
"Around five years ago I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck. It was difficult for me to turn it in either direction. One day a therapist recommended that I take yoga. I happened to see a flyer from the Sunrise Park District, and have been taking classes from Judith Aubin ever since.
I feel so fortunate that I found Judith. She has truly helped me. My neck is more flexible and so is my body from doing the postures. I am also learning the correct way to breathe. In my opinion, I think Judith is a very good teacher. She seems to be very knowledgeable in anatomy, and has been very helpful spiritually, too. She is a very good listener, and is very interested in helping her students when they have a problem." 
Nola G.









In Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights, California, U.S.A.
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