Health Skills Class Outline


Each organ gland and system, listed below, will be covered with the focus on its individual function, interaction, and interdependence with the whole body, mind, spirit continuum.  We will look at foods, including herbs, nutrients and health skills specific to each topic.

Focus   1  Introduction, clarify objectives, define health, begin the process.
Focus   2  The Perspective Box and Dragons at the threshold of healing
Focus   3  Vocabulary of health and the myth of aging
Focus   4  Cleansing: Why and How
Focus   5  Rules for healthy eating & food combining
Focus   6  Chemistry, pH, enzymes
Focus   7  The alimentary canal.
                 Digestion begins in the mouth.
                 The stomach and protein.
Focus   8  The liver, fats, oils, cholesterol and anti-oxidants
Focus   9  Pancreas and sugar metabolism
Focus 10  The small intestines, large intestines, and urinary system.
Focus 11  The Immune system
                 The lymphatic system
                 The endocrine system
Focus 12  The brain and nervous system

In Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights, California, U.S.A.
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