It may seem silly to think about taking a class in breathing.  After all, we do it all day, every day.  What we donít realize is how much our state of health, mood, anxiety levels and well being are impacted by our patterns of breathing.  We donít realize how much stress has shaped our current patterns of breathing or how much control we could have in affecting our life experience.

To the extent we are able to direct our breathing patterns do we affect our state of health, our mood, our anxiety levels, and our over all sense of well being.

We donít realize we can either breath in harmony with the healthful functioning of our body or we can breath in a way that exacerbates stress, anxiety and disease.  An observational study of patients in a coronary unit showed all patients (100%) were habitual thoracic breathers.  It is worth the effort to know the difference, between healthy and unhealthy breathing, recognize the pattern in our own body and learn how to correct the dis-function.  Reestablishing healthful breathing habits is time well spent.  Proper breathing is the worldís best anti-stress.

Join Judith for this three class series to learn the basics and begin to re-establish healthful breathing habits.

This 3-class series runs quarterly.  Call for the next class schedule.

A check for $60 will hold your space.

Because space is limited checks are non-refundable.

In Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights, California, U.S.A.
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